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Cat and Kitten
Dry Cat and Kitten Food


Available Bag Sizes

Features natural ingredients for optimal cat health along with essential fatty acids for a silky coat.


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Donate to the Hospice of Health First's Bright Star Center for Grieving Children and Families Bright Paws Pet Food Bank

































We want to fulfill your quality pet food needs as best we can. There are other quality foods that we are able to source, please e-mail or call us to inquire concerning a given quality pet food and we will respond promptly advising you availability and price.
Sample:  Breeder's Choice (Avo-Derm, Pinnacle) Origen, Artemis, Wysong, and others.
















Flex Chicken & Brown Rice Stew

Available Options


A kitten stew with all the great taste of our Adult formula, but with nutrition balanced for a kitten's specific needs.


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California Natural
Deep Water Fish & Brown Rice
Canned Cat and Kitten Food


Available Options
Deep Water Fish & Brown Rice Cat and Kitten Food is formulated to meet the needs of cats during all of their life stages.


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California Natural
Salmon & Sweet Potato
Canned Cat and Kitten Food


Available Options
Salmon and sweet potatoes are combined to create a delicious, nutrient-dense canned cat food ideal for your pet.


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California Natural
Chicken & Brown Rice
Canned Cat and Kitten Food


Available Options
Chicken and brown rice create a pure and simple foundation for a highly nutritious and palatable canned cat food.


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