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Tails of Love
Yes, we mean “tails”.  Tales of tails saving lives, bringing health and joy to those who need it the most, such as children with autism, people who suffer from seizures and cancer, the lonely and depressed, and even those with common ailments such as high blood pressure.

Not only do dogs and cats give us unconditional love, they have the incredible power to heal.
Below are excerpts from some articles that we have found that back up these statements with links to the entire articles.  We hope you enjoy them, and are able to share this knowledge with those you feel could benefit from this knowledge....in other words, everybody!  :) 

The rocket came in fast, maybe 900 feet per second—too fast for anyone to sound the warning siren, and much too fast for all the troops of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force to take cover. It was March 21, 2007, when the 73-millimeter insurgent-launched rocket exploded inside their base in the Al Anbar province of Iraq, right next to Corporal Dustin Jerome Lee and his canine partner, Lex. Lee, a 20-year-old Mississippi native, was gravely wounded by the blast. Lex—a German shepherd trained to sniff out hidden explosives—was also injured, his brown and black fur burned, shrapnel lodged in his back and spine.  CLICK HERE TO LINK TO STORY







Stroking pets can cut painkiller use after surgery


The research found that patients who had undergone hip or knee replacement operations needed less painkillers if they used pet therapy.  CLICK HERE TO LINK TO ARTICLE
The Healing Power of Dogs
Over the years, data on the larger role dogs play in health has trickled out from various corners of the world. One Japanese study found pet owners made 30 percent fewer visits to doctors. A Melbourne study of 6,000 people showed that owners of dogs and other pets had lower cholesterol, blood pressure and heart attack risk compared with people who didn’t have pets. Obviously, the better health of pet owners could be explained by a variety of factors, but many experts believe companion animals improve health at least in part by lowering stress.  CLICK HERE TO LINK TO ARTICLE
Michal Czerwonka for The New York Times
Tommy Conforti, a cancer patient, and Lady, a therapy dog.



Canine Senses: How Dogs Smell: Guide To the Dog's Olfactory Super-power

Smell is the dog’s dominant sense, so much so that a huge part of its brain is devoted to analysing odours. Dogs have two giant olfactory bulbs attached to the brain which decode every smell they encounter. The bulbs weigh around 60 grams, four times as much as human olfactory bulbs. Given that a canine brain is one tenth of the size of a human one, that means the canine brain has forty times as much of its brain devoted to smell as we do.
 Little wonder then that a  dog’s sense of smell is reckoned to be 100,000 times better than a humans. In tests dogs have been able to pick up chemical solutions that form one or two parts in a trillion. That is the equivalent of smelling one bad apple in two billion barrels.
The Best Walking Partner: Man vs. Dog

Is it better to walk a human or to walk a dog?


New research from the University of Missouri has found that people who walk dogs are more consistent about regular exercise and show more improvement in fitness than people who walk with a human companion.  CLICK HERE TO LINK TO ARTICLE





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