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Please be sure that you have done the proper research to ensure that you are choosing the right type of puppy for you and your family, as this will benefit both you and your new family member, and because we do not want any unwanted puppies to end up at shelters.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask us and we will help guide you in your selection.  As much as we want to quickly find homes for all of our puppies, it is more important that they find the right home.
 If there is a specific type of puppy you would like to make a part of your family, please let us know and we will be happy to put in a special request for you if your puppy becomes available.  We will need to know the breed, whether you would like a male or female, and any specific details such as coat color if applicable.
  We are approved and authorized by the American Kennel Club to include the "AKC Pet Protection Bundle" with the purchase of every puppyThis bundle included with every puppy sold includes: 
1.  AKC Registration, or AKC Canine Partner Registration (for mix-breeds) 
2.  Life-time microchip registration, AKC-CAR, includes lifetime "Amber Alert" feature
3.  Access to "MyPetTrainer.com"
4.  60-Day Trial AKC Heatlh Insurance
5. One year subscription to the AKC Family Dog Magazine
6.  AKC New Puppy Handbook and Training DVD
7.  Eligibility to complete in AKC Events:  AKC Rally, Agility, and Obedience. 
The above items are in addition to our One Year Limited Warranty, and complimentary first office visit and initial exam certificate.
 We encourage you to check us out with the Better Business Bureau.  We continue to work very hard to provide quality puppies, for quality pet owners !!

Available to go to a loving home:
Check back often as our list is updated!
Click here to find out where our puppies come from, the care they receive before they arrive at Puppies Plus, when they arrive at Puppies Plus, and what is included with the purchase of your puppy




via Community Finance, LLC for PUPPY and MERCHANDISE !!!!!!!

90 Days Same as Cash

Low Installment Payments

You can APPLY On-Line in the Privacy of Your Home directly with Community Finance, LLC, or you're welcome to stop in the Store and we can assist you in applying.  Co-Signers Welcome to co-apply!


If you choose to apply at Puppies Plus, to speed up the process,  please bring the following documents (the below documents are generally required whether you apply at home or at Puppies Plus):

1.  Current Employee Pay-Stub

2.  Current Bank Statement (All Pages)

3.  Voided Check

4.  Drivers License


Note:  Minimum requirements include at least one year in current job, and minimum net income of $1,300 a month.


Click on the Link Below to Apply






Available Puppies

(Updated 27 April 2012)

availability subject to change as we find loving homes for each puppy 


You can access larger photos and brief video with the link below, click on the Beagle:


Click on the Beagle to access larger photos and brief video of each puppy



        If you did not find the breed you were interested in, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to special order your puppy if available


      Please Note: As a precaution, and to minimize stress to our puppies, we hold recent arrivals, even if sold, for a minimum of 72 hours  to better ensure that they are ready to go to their new home.

      Many have asked us, "what do you do when a puppy doesn't sell?".  The answer to that is, our puppies always are sold, not finding them a loving home is not an option.  We thank you for your genuine concern, and we are happy to address all your concerns regarding our business practices and the well being of our puppies.

 Puppies Arriving 1 May

in Red

 Click on the Beagle Above for larger photos and video of each puppy

    Boxer Female

    Cairn Terrier Female

    Cavachon Female

    Cavalier King Charles Male

    Cavalier King Charles Female

    Chihuahua Male

    Chihuahua Female

    Chug Female

    Cocker Spaniel Male

    Cocker Spaniel F

    Dachshund Female

    Doodle Male

    English Toy Chin Spaniel Male

    Golden Retriever Female

    Havanese Female

    Labrador Retriever Female

    Maltese Male--Sold

    Morkie Female   

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male

    Poodle Male

    Pug Male

    Shetland Sheepdog Male

    Shiranian Male

    Yoranian Female

    Yorkshire Terrier Female

    Yorkshire Terrier Female


   Puppies Arriving 1 May in Red





        Boxer Female


      Cairn Terrier FemaleCavachon Female Cavalier Kg Spaniel M

       Cavalier Kg Charles Female Chihuahua M Chihuahua Female 


        Chug Female   Cocker Spaniel Male    Cocker Spaniel F 


       Dachshund Female  Doodle Male  English Toy Chin Spaniel M 


       Golden Retriever F    Havanese Female Labrador Retriever F


     Maltese Male-Sold   Morkie Female    Pembroke W Corgi M


       Poodle Male              Pug Male         Shetland Sheepdog M 


 v v  Shiranian Male    Yoranian Female Yorkshire Terrier Female


       Yorkshirfe Terrier Female






Please note that not all puppies of the same breed are alike, even if they do tend to be of a certain personality or character.  Many factors such as environment, training, discipline and upbringing will play a vital role in the physical and mental development of each puppy.
The source of some of the information on this page may be provided directly from the American Kennel Club website at www.akc.org.  You may choose to visit their website for additional information on different breeds.
This information is subject to change without notice or obligation



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