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Enjoy this cute video                  

Photo Album
Because we all love our pets, we love to talk about them and show them off.  That is why we have created a special section on our site for our Puppies Plus patrons and their pets.  To view the current inventory of puppies at Puppies Plus, please view our "Our Puppies" page
If you purchased a pet from Puppies Plus, and would like to see them in this section, please use our easy submittal form at the bottom of this page, we would love to show them off!   Additionally, if you would like to have your pets picture considered for our Home page, please let us know.   

Our Siberian Husky, Kiska, was adopted December 10th, 2009 and it has been "grow time" since then.  She has doubled+ her weight (30 pounds now but was approximately 14 when we set our eyes on her) and has settled into our household of two cats who were at first uncertain with her but they are growing to be best of friends (even though she now towers over them.) 


We can hardly wait to see what she is going to look like fully grown because she was just white and black at the beginning.  But now she has silver gray in her coat and some brown behind her back legs. 


This is Dad with his new daughter.  It should be a real challenge when she reaches her full weight of 50 to 60 pounds.


She has beautiful blue eyes and a very wet nose that she loves to butt people with.  She also has become a "Party" girl but training is helping a lot! 


                                                             We will send more pictures as she grows.



                                                             Don and Candy

                                                             West Melbourne




Bandit has become a well-loved member of our family. He just recently graduated from his puppy obedience class!
We are so glad to have found him at Puppies Plus!
Steve and Beth

As you can see Katie has made herself very comfortable with her
brothers Griffie (Monsuier Hercule Poirot) & Affie (Captain Hastings).
She has become an integral part of our family and we thank you for making
our pet family complete. The boys are awesome but adding Katie Bug has
just been wonderful.
Joe, Sandy
Griffie (Black rough
coated Brussel Griffon) - Affie (Belge Affenpinscher) and Katie Bug
(Belge Rough Coated Brussels Griffon) - Affie and Katie
thanks to Puppies
Plus. smiles


You have made a faithful customer happy again! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Last night, we purchased the little male Maltese you had in your store. We have named him Benjamin and we are attaching a couple of pictures from this morning. Isabella has been wonderful with him, a little unsure, but no barking/growling, etc. She has shown her patience because is absolutely in LOVE with her and that's why we've named him "Benjamin Casanova ". Our most sincerest thanks again to you and Cheryl. We will visit your store soon! Warm Regards, Maggie Z :)  

"We thank you every day for him"
                                                                        Sandy E.
"You are very welcome Sandy. We are happy
he found a home where is appreciated and loved every day"
                                                                 Puppies Plus
JAKE - Jack Russell- Rat Terrier

Born: 1998
Favorite Pastimes:  Walking, running, sleeping, riding in cars
Jakes is about the sweetest dog in the world, he is loyal, loving and loves to please.  He can do all sorts of tricks too!  Such as sitting, giving paw, rolling, laying down, catching, letting you know when he wants to go outside, "speaking", and knows all sorts of commands as well. 


When you get home, he is happy to see you and then he settles down wherever you go.  We love him!                                                  Dan and Jenniffer H. - Palm Bay




Sam - Jack Russell

Born:  2002
Favorite Pastimes:  Walking, running, eating, begging, riding in cars, playing
"Sammy" is one of a kind!  He's our little Denis the Menace, but we think he's great!  Too smart for his own good, but he keeps us laughing and wondering sometimes.  He's as sweet as can be, and seems to know when it's in his benefit to understand our commands. 
We're lucky to have our little Sammy and wouldn't trade him for anything.                                                            Dan and Jenniffer H. - Palm Bay

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