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PUPPIES Plus is an independent family owned and operated business committed to minimizing health risks and providing quality puppies.  Every one of our puppies comes from health history tracked USDA licensed breeders that must follow a strict protocol, are visited by a breeder support team and USDA inspectors to verify compliance.  In short, every puppy here

      comes through the best source of puppies in this country, without exception.



The following events occur prior to arriving at Puppies Plus:


·        The puppies must be at least eight weeks of age upon arrival at our one and only trusted source, pass a reception exam and be certified by highly-trained breed experts to ensure they meet strict AKC and breed standards.

·        Then they must pass a veterinary exam conducted by one of the 8 full-time licensed staff veterinarians 

·        Once accepted they are micro-chipped with the universal microchip, receive their first multi-vaccine and are groomed according to breed.

·        The puppies then go under observation for a minimum of 4 ½ days and receive constant nurturing and love throughout their stay.

·        The puppies must then pass a third exam prior to shipment.

·        The puppies are shipped by two highly-trained Animal Care Technicians in specially designed trailers with a sophisticated system that provides the safest, most comfortable, and cleanest travel environment for all puppies.  These customized travel trailers perform the following functions throughout each shipment:

o   replace interior air with fresh air every few minutes,

o   regulate fresh air temperature within 2 degrees at all times,

o   contain a 500 gallon waste management system,

o   provide puppies with fresh drinking water and highly-nutritious food

o   Stops are made every four hours in order for the Animal Care Technicians to monitor the puppies’ food, water and overall comfort and well-being.


Upon arrival at Puppies Plus:


·        Upon arrival and acceptance by PUPPIES Plus, the puppies are examined by one of the veterinarians at the VCA Village Animal Hospital in Palm Bay.

·        Our puppies are then monitored for a minimum of 5 days, receive constant supervision, nurturing, love, and the highest level of holistic nutrition until we are very confident that they are ready for their new home.


*   Puppies Plus houses each puppy in individual kennels to control the spread of viruses and bacteria.  Since each puppy has a unique immune system and the weakest immune system is likely to be the first to break with illness, this system ensures than no other puppy can be directly affected if such an illness occurs.


Additionally, each puppy is on a rotation basis to be taken out of their **kennels to romp around, receive love and nurturing, and go outside for fresh air and a walk around the mall.  This also gives us an opportunity to provide some basic training concepts to each puppy...such as learning how to walk on a leash properly, and we even try to teach them commands such as "sit".


** While under our care, our puppies are not exposed to the general public for health reasons—for the same reasons that no human pediatric facility would expose their “babies” to having hands stuck in their mouths or randomly played with.  We take our puppies health very seriously. The ideal place for a puppy is in a loving home, but until then, health care is a must, and takes priority.  If we suspect or know that someone may have an infectious condition, we do reserve the right to not show our puppies. 



Upon purchase from  Puppies Plus:





1 Year limitted warranty for debilitating, congenital hereditary defect adversely affecting the health of the puppy 












4-Generation Pedigree Certificate on all registered breeds


All health records







Each puppy is microchipped, registered and activated with LostMyPet.com and the American Kennel Club's Companion Animal Recovery Service at no extra charge.


LostMyPet.com has partnerered with the American Kennel Club's Companion

                                               Animal Recovery Service (AKC-CAR) to bring you the most advanced pet  

                                               recovery system available.


                                              Click on logo to left to learn how this program works 






Complimentary office visit and initial exam at VCA Village Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic










Up-to-date vaccinations and deworming








    MyPetTrainer.com Membership which includes:


  • Toll Free Trainer Line
  • Online training videos and library
  • Family friendly techniques
  • 21-Day training email series
  • 65-Week training follow up series


AND MUCH MUCH MORE!  Click on logo to visit their website





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A Best Friend


"We give dogs love we can spare, time we can spare and room we can spare. In return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made."

-- Mary Focklam

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